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Viral Marketing

Viral Traffic Driver Campaigns

Want to get the word out and drive large amounts of targeted traffic to your content? Site Systems full-service Viral Traffic Driver Campaigns engage customers with your brand, build buzz and drive customers to your promotion, website, video or store. We leverage all major online resources to create a comprehensive web presence and drive large amounts of targeted traffic your content, guaranteed!

Research & Strategy

For each campaign, we meticulously research your demographic and find where they spend their time online. We connect with these users in their space: blogs, social networks, forums, and social sites to circulate your company’s content. We:

  • Help better define the target audience and their interests/needs
  • Develop viral messages that will appeal to this audience and best promote the campaign
  • Research online influencers to determine a seeding/viral outreach strategy (blogs, websites, aggregators, etc)
  • Develop the tactics and implementation plan for the campaign
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Digital PR

Site Systems drafts and distributes compelling online press releases about your material, creating interest within relevant communities and major new sources. This includes Google News, Google Search, Yahoo!, MSN, News, and many more.

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Blog Outreach

Site Systems finds the blogs that your customers read. Often we engage with thousands of these bloggers and encourage them to write about your promotion. On the top sites we also engage consumers by commenting on posts.

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Message Board & Forum Threading

Site Systems finds where your customers are talking together on message boards and forums. We initiate conversations on these platforms to foster discussion and user interaction with your brand.

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Social Bookmarking Sites

Site Systems submits your content to social bookmarking sites to extend your influence and encourage organic seeding. These sites take submissions of content and share them among their online community. Here, Internet users who may not frequent certain websites can discover new content that they may have otherwise missed. Within these communities, the more highly rated the content is, the more likely it will be passed along to fellow Internet users.

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Aggregation Site Submissions

Aggregation sites collect entertaining content from across the Internet such as daily internet news, videos, articles, reviews, games and humor for their visitors to view and enjoy.

If appropriate to your target audience, Site Systems will submit your content to entertainment aggregation sites such as:

  • College Humor
  • Break
  • Something Awful
  • eBaum's World
  • Kontraband
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YouTube and Viral Video Seeding

75% of people tell friends about online videos they enjoy. Site Systems takes advantage of online videos to spread the word about your campaign.

To take your videos viral we:

  • Produce your viral videos
  • Develop a custom YouTube channel
  • Promote videos with sponsored YouTube ads
  • Encourage commenting and sharing of videos
  • Submit videos to relevant video sharing sites and blogs, such as:

    • You Tube
    • Yahoo!
    • MySpace
    • Metacafe
    • Google
    • Revver
    • AOL
    • Dailymotion
    • Blip
    • Veoh
    • Mefeedia
    • Imeem
    • StupidVideos
    • Sclipo
    • Break
    • eBaumsWorld
    • FunnyOrDie
    • Vimeo
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Site Systems will create ads and target them where your customers are surfing. Ads are optimized on a daily basis to ensure your brand and campaign message is top of mind.

Media Buys Include:

  • Extensive Research, Analysis & Optimization
  • Targeted Facebook/MySpace Ads
  • Media Buys on Targeted Sites and Ad Networks
  • Ad Re-targeting Campaigns

Re-targeting allows us to reconnect with missed users that come to a site but do not enter a promotion. The retargeting ad network follows users after they leave the website as they surf and displays our promotion ads over and over again on the sites they visit. These ads reach over 90% of the websites where your customers surf. This new technology keeps your campaign and brand at the forefront and top of your customer's minds.

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Site Systems creates as many opportunities as possible for users to get involved with your brand and share your content. Wherever your content is located, we make it as easy as possible for visitors to share and spread the word with easy to use sharing tools and widgets.

These tools allow visitors to post links to your content on their blogs, social profiles and to bookmarking sites or even send an email to a friend with a just click, all without leaving the page hosting your content.

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Sweepstakes, Contests and Games

Incentives can dramatically increase the performance of viral campaigns. Offering your audience (and influencers) incentives and prizes provides compelling reasons for them to engage and share your content.

Site Systems promotions include:

  • Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes
  • Integrated Sharing
  • Essay, Photo & Video Contests
  • Micro Websites
  • Flash Games
  • Facebook Widgets and Games
  • Full Legal and Administration
  • Prize Sourcing
  • Prize Fulfillment
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Campaign Reporting & Analytics

Site Systems will analyze the effectiveness of your campaign and deliver a comprehensive report focusing on the KPIs to determine the success of your viral campaign.

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